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BBQ Offset Smoker Grill Big Ben #2075

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Big Ben, named for the one of the most iconic landmarks massive bell inside the clock tower, is the Sunterra Outdoor, and BBQ Pit Boy prized BBQ Smoker provides up to 2,097 square inches of cooking capacity.

In the horizontal Main Chamber - there is over 780 SQ. in. of cooking surface. A direct grilling surface in the Firebox of over 375 SQ. in. and the Vertical Smoker cooking chamber makes use of over 942 SQ. in of pure "Smoke". If you choose to use the Vertical Smoker to hang your favorite slow-cooked meats, we'll include a smoking bar...

This well-built smoker loaded with features like fully welded 3/16" gauge steel construction, 1200°F high-heat liquid paint with UV protection and durable steel shelves superbly crafted. Many of our features included are options with other companies, such as the warming plate, heavy-duty grates both cooking and charcoal, and probe port. Plus, there are many more features shared with an efficient air flow management system. For the largest of gatherings, the Sunterra Outdoor BBQ Pit Boy wood and charcoal burning smoker, Big Ben will give Trophy status results with little effort whether you are a new or seasoned grill master.


  • Metal Thickness: Heavy Gauge 3/16” steel
  • Fully Welded with Heavy Duty Hinged Lids
  • Width:83” (Overall 95 11/16")
  • Depth: 20" (Overall 37 ¼” includes front shelf)
  • Height: 81 3/4"
  • Weight: 756.5 lbs.
  • Smoker Diameter 20" x 40"
  • Vertical Smoker Diameter 21" x 48"
  • Combined cooking area 2,097 SQ. in.
  • Main Chamber Cooking area - 780 SQ. in.
  • Firebox cooking area - 375 SQ. in.
  • Vertical Smoker Cooking area - 942 SQ. in.
  • Fuel: Burns Charcoal or Wood or combination
  • Finish: Charcoal High Temp Coating
  • Crate Size: 99” L x 32” W x 80” H
  • Crate Weight: 963.5 Lbs.


  • Log grates / Charcoal Heavy Duty Expanded Metal
  • Offset Firebox (20" x 22") with dual damper
  • 3 Round Cooking Grates in Vertical Chamber
  • Warming plate - 14 1/2" x 10"
  • Smoker Probe Port
  • Side firebox door for easy loading and cleaning
  • 2 each Smoker Temperature Gauge
  • Vertical Smoker Temperature Gauge
  • Vertical Smoker Door with Side Door
  • Galvanized Cool to the touch Handles
  • Smokestack with damper control
  • Wood storage shelf
  • Detachable work shelf
  • 2 Grease drain and hook for hassle-free clean up.
  • Wagon Wheels - 18" diameter, 3" wide / large 1" axle
  • Fire Poker
  • Tuning Plates
  • Smoking Bar (vertical chamber)
  • Door Counter Balance








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