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Harry Gilliam

Gary, Got the grill setup and broken in last night. The two rib eyes I cooked on it were the best steaks I have ever cooked in my life. Period.…

Luca Giussani San Juan de Puerto Rico

Pics of your fabulous Argentina Grill in San Juan de Puerto Rico!!! I’m enjoying it sooooo very much!!!! Thank you Luca Giussani San Juan de Puerto Rico Santa Maria 3601-36SSI…

Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Institute of America 1403R Wood Fired Oven Student Chefs Cooking...

Brian Harrison Chico, CA

Almost there ... enjoying the pool and outdoor kitchen. Cooking ribs on Easter! 3601-48DSPL Santa Maria Chico, CA Brian Harrison

Michael Cariglio Lorain, OH

Thanks..... !! Looks great, firing for the first time. 3601-36DSI Santa Maria Grill Michael Cariglio Lorain, OH

James Mura, Lafayette, CA,

3601-36DSI Santa Maria James Mura, Lafayette, CA,

The Geist House Restaurant, Nashville, TN Doug Martin

3601-36DSI Santa Maria The Geist House Restaurant, Nashville, TN Doug Martin

T. Nuara & E. Beca, Scottsdale, AZ

An outdoor desert kitchen.... Thank you so much. As for function I am very happy. These both look and work great! Lots of comments and questions from friends and people…

J. Caseiro, New Brunswick, NJ

3601-30SSI Santa Maria Grill J. Caseiro, New Brunswick, NJ
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Check Out Our Pits

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