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Sunterra Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens 

Sunterra Outdoor manufactures an affordable heavy duty Wood-Fired Outdoor ovens that uses charcoal and wood as heat sources. Create excellent pizza, casseroles, roasts, chicken, stuffed pork or lamb, turkey, paella, desserts and even breads in our rustic oven. Constructed of super durable powder-coated steel, we insulated the oven walls to keep the heat inside. We recommend using lump charcoal and wood as fuel to infuse your food for that wood smoke flavor. Control the flames with the firebox damper and control the internal cooking condition with the easy-to-read thermometer.

Our wood-fired ovens will enhance your outdoor cooking events and provide enjoyment and great tasting food for any barbecue. The wood-fired oven is a terrific addition that compliments any of our Sunterra Outdoor BBQ Smokers or Santa Maria Grills.

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Wood Fired Outdoor Ovens

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At Sunterra, we strive to be known as the company that shares in the passion and the satisfaction that our customers gain from using our products. Our mission, is to deliver the highest-quality BBQ products that caters to the demands of  the discriminating culinary individuals and professionals.

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